I Have Questions

“To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.”

Nelson Mandela

I stay awake pondering, wondering

and simply cannot get these questions

out of my mind.

Why does the little girl on the play ground

feel awkward about her hair

Why is she laughed at, pointed at

When her hair is nothing but curly.

Why is the young black boy across the street

too afraid to drive his car late at night

Why does he shiver at the blue and red light flashing.

Why does the young girl down the street lie she is from Chicago

when we can hear her strong foreign accent

Why is she so scared to identify as an immigrant.

Why is the young boy told to man up

and then young girl told not to be too smart

because you see sweetie

women who are too educated scare men.

Why do we tell the young children to keep quiet

you’re too young to understand

When did we decide it is our duty to punish those that are too fat

and those who are too skinny.

When did we begin to decide what should be worn and accepted

When did we become so scared to address our fears with one another,

and prefer to plant bullets into one another

When did the sword become mightier than the pen.

You see I have questions, questions for you African leaders,

When did human rights become something Western

When did we forget that we are all humans and all lives matter.

When did greed creep into our nation

that a new car becomes more than a child’s education

Why do we point at the West as they flourish and we wallow in our shortcomings

When did we start treating refugees like weeds in our beautiful garden,

Is the garden not for all to share.

I ask and wonder why do we decide

to turn our cheeks the other way

When did being politically correct

become more important than standing up for what is just and true.

How did we forget that our actions have consequences and our children are following our footsteps.

When did we simply forget how to be human?

P.S This is not a poem.


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