Five Ways to Stay Safe this Spring Break

Safety First is Safety Always.

-Charles M. Hayes

Spring break is around the corner and it is time to bring out the swimsuits and soak up the sun. As we plan and prepare for all our travels and parties it is important to make sure we are safe and protect ourselves from dangerous situations. Here are five quick tips to help you make the most  of your spring break and stay safe.

1.Have a Buddy

Walk and go out in pairs. It is important to go out with people you know and trust. Avoid going out to unfamiliar places alone without a phone for communication. If you find yourself abroad make sure you go out with someone familiar to the area. Go out in pairs at night and when using ATM’s in secluded areas.

2. Know your local emergency contact

You should  know the contact information for the police and information for the local fire station. Also, make sure you identify the nearest hospital and store in case of an emergency. If going abroad it is important to know the emergency number of the country you will be visiting.

3.Keep your stuff safe

Whether booking a hotel or a hostel always make sure your room is locked. This goes a long way to help protect your personal belongings and also protect your from unwanted entry. Keep your cash, cards and other important documents in a safe compartment and avoid carrying large amount of cash around.

4. Drink Safely

As you plan to unwind with some wine or maybe some vodka, it is important to remember to drink safely. Know your limit and avoid drinking excessively. Most importantly always watch your drink, avoid taking drinks from strangers. Drugs can be placed in drinks which might lead to sexual abuse or rape.

5.Be Private about your location

When you are all set to post your stunning pictures and videos online, be careful about tagging your location all the time. Try as much as possible to limit sharing your exact location all the time .

The Respect team wishes everyone a fun-filled sprig break. Remember to stay safe as you have fun and report to the nearest police station if any form of abuse takes place during your break. Respect is available all day to answer questions and offer assistance.

As always stay safe and remember to say no to abuse.


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