Next Steps…

“Sometimes the hardest part is not letting go but rather learning to start all over.”

-Nicole Sobon


I know it has been the longest time, and no I absolutely do not have a good excuse . It has mostly been me being super lazy and very uninspired. But in the midst of all that mess, I have had some time to think and re-evaluate myself and my decisions. During my time off, I began to see that I spent most of my days being busy rather than being actually productive. But we all make mistakes, what is important is that we learn from them. I am learning from my mistakes, and I am learning to work towards being the person I will be proud of. While re-evaluating myself, I also took my time to re-evaluate my blog, and I have come up with a new vision and mission statement.  I believe it truly represents the true goal of starting this project.  I will put up some posts explaining this further, but I am really excited about this. I also have new ideas I hope will help my audience and also help me. Alright before this becomes an emotional rant, I will say a short good-bye, because I am coming back and better than ever.

With Love,



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