The only way to do great work is to love what you do

– Steve Job

Hey guys!!

So I just started my first major job, I mean I have worked a few jobs before, but just got my first money earning job and it feels so great, kind of makes me wonder why I did not do this earlier.

So I am a new comer in this field, but just figured I can give some advice nothing special as I myself do not know what made me a qualified candidate.

Tips for your first employment

First things first;

Make up your mind;

Be determined you want to get a job. Do not have a nonchalant attitude, be diligent, trust me you will be frustrated many times, but it is your drive that will see you through.

Do your research;

Know what you want and know what your employer’s want too. You need to know what you need to work on before applying for a job. Most importantly before going for an interview.


If you are a foreigner like me, you need to volunteer, as much as it hurts to say this; not many people care about what you did abroad, best thing to do is volunteer it also helps with your resume. I am not saying ignore what you did abroad, that is equally important but it is a plus to have something from where you live now.

Ask Around;

Although most, if not all job applications are done online, some people still prefer the old school style of doing things. You will be surprised the amount of job opportunities that are out there.

Have A Professional Resume;

Whether working in retail or fast food or even an internship, having a professional resume makes you stand out of the crowd. Highlight your skills and how they are useful to the post you are applying for. No skill or certificate is useless. Put down everything that makes you special.

Apply everyday!!

I did not get results (interviews) till I was applying for like five jobs a day everyday. Do not go easy at all. Go all in, apply to as much as you can. You will get faster results and more options

Now you have a couple of interviews;

Manners Matter

Your manners, I believe they are the major factors that contribute to your employment. Your interview is a major deciding factor and your chance to prove everything written on your resume. Here’s a few

  • Be early, very early
  • Dress appropriately
  • Do not chew gum
  • Greet
  • Smile and be polite

Do not give up even when you mess up

Even when you think you did bad do not give up, call back after 3 or 5 days or send an email. Shows you are still interested. Also when you are told that there is no position available leave a copy of your resume and your contact information. It shows how dedicated you are and when a position is available you would most likely be first in line.

As Always be yourself;

Let your personality shine through, be yourself and you will be glad you did.

Love what you do;

The best way to be a good employee is to love what you do. Value the great moments.

Good luck!!!

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