Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Where there is love there is life.

Mahatma Gandhi

Hi guys!!

I just felt I will be doing something wrong not talking or sharing about love or something related. Truth is I did not believe in valentine’s day. I guess it was how I was brought up, but it was really just like any normal day to me. I obviously cannot ignore the overemphasized hugs, kisses, flowers and gifts. To me it was another excuse for the store owners to exploit blind lover’s to buy stuff they really cannot afford.

I was not sad I mean, I did not strangle anyone who wished me Happy Valentine’s day. I just look at you like you are crazy. But then last year thought me a lot, including Valentine’s Day. It is in fact a special day, just wished it was a public holiday.

Really what I am saying is Valentine’s Day should be appreciated, anything that ensures sharing love should be appreciated. So Happy Valentine’s Day to;

Misfits who were told they cannot amount to anything.

Happy Valentines Day to that single parents working double shifts, you are loved more than you think.

Happy Valentine’s Day to the new married couples, many happy days ahead.

Happy Valentines Day to that confused middle school student, he doesn’t like you now, but you will find someone better.

Then to the single ladies, have fun!! till you start caring too much about someone.

To the strict parent’s, go out and do not come back till midnight….try something different.

To the  popular & cool kids, keep having fun.

For those working night shifts or stuck in traffic, I’m sorry but call your babe..

To lonely people, best time to go out and make fun of those in love, cupid might be up to something…

For those in love, live like this everyday…not just special days.

To those in the hospital, or going through serious pain, take care you will be fine. You are definitely not forgotten.

To the heart broken…it hurts, but this is the perfect day for a girls night out or a single night out!! cupid might be up to something.

Those separated from their lover’s…surprise them!!

For student’s studying for exams, take a break, have a dance party have some ice cream, then go back to your books..

For young kids who have no idea what today is about, just enjoy your candy.

For those who don’t like valentine’s day…it’s really not that bad, just get something nice for your mum.

I hope I covered everyone, if not I am sorry, but Happy Valentine’s Day to all!!

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