Getting Your Parents To Say Yes!!

The best way to achieve freedom from your parents is to gain their trust by proving that you can take good care of yourself in their absence

-anonymous ( source)

Hey Guys!!

Do not know about you but they were times I really, really needed my parent’s to say yes, but they usually come up with 2 million reasons to say no. It was so frustrating, especially when all the cool kids went to parties and I was at home…so not cool. Well there were times that my parents were right (actually most times). But then there were times they did not just understand well enough or were just in an ugly mood.

So if this your case you came to the right place. I am going to help you not make my mistakes and get that yes out of your parents.

P.S This also works on older siblings who are snitches.

  • Be Respectful

If you really want your parents to agree with you, you have give them what they deserve. Do not be rude when making your demands. It is important to ask nicely.

  • Be Responsible

Responsibility is very important to parents. You need to show them you are mature and you can earn their trust. This is a good one if your parents still treat you like you are a toddler.

  • Go Straight To The Point

Parents do not like it when you go round in circles. Make your request and do not tell to many stories.

  • Be Early

Tell your parents about stuff early or you are giving them an easy escape, so let them know ahead so they have no excuse like; I already made plans. Tell them on time.

  • Keep Your Promises

Best way to earn your parents trust is to keep your promises. If you can earn your parents trust, you will definitely earn their yes…

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