The Blue Mood

Let us be of good cheer, remembering that the misfortunes hardest to bear are those that never happen.
James Russel Lowell

Hi lovelies!!

So this is a very dear topic to me, and I am glad that a lot of people are talking about it now, because it really affects a lot of people. I can remember a phase in my life I felt so inadequate almost nothing, like I had no life, just existing. At first I did not know I was sad, but then slowly I started having mood swings, I did not want to talk to anyone, especially my friends. I just wanted to  be alone and sad.

I did not know how terrible I felt until one day I decided to read my journal and every single thing I wrote was sad, dwelling on mistakes, regrets and wishes. In that moment I realised how pathetic I was becoming and made up my mind that moment, I will not allow myself continue to live in this dark hole of no hope.

We all or maybe just some of us go through this blue mood, maybe after a terrible break up or just facing disappointments. I believe the blue mood should be given as much attention as depression because everyone deserves to be happy.

I have made it my duty today to help anyone and everyone going through the blues feel better…

The Blue Mood is actually a good thing. I mean when I went through my horrible blue mood I learnt new things about myself. It was also an opportunity for me to know who my real friends were. Those who could stand my sour behaviour.

Admit it

You need to tell yourself, you do not like where you are and you are not happy about it. Admitting it leads to getting over it and finding solutions.

Don’t Hurt Yourself & others

Do not hurt yourself in any way, do not starve yourself, do not eat your way out of your mood,  and drown yourself in your work… do not do what you will later regret. We tend to slip into moods that make us snap at others, but we also need to be aware of their feelings.

It is fine to cry

I cried like every night and it felt really good crying. Just pour your heart out…I promise, you feel better.

Forgive & Let go

Whatever may have caused you to slip into the blue mood, forgive and let it go. Maybe it was a mistake you made forgive yourself…and just let things so. There are just somethings we cannot fix.

Write Down

This helped me a lot, well not to make me feel better, writing down my sad feelings just made me realise how I did not want to remain sad and pathetic. Writing is a great tool for reflection.

Don’t play the blame game

As much as we want to blame the universe for our problems, it never helps, just makes you feel worse.

Give yourself a break

Most times stress leads to the blue mood. Most people just need to relax and be alone. This is a perfect time for some me time…Relaxation always makes people feel better.

Seek Advice

Frustration and anger usually comes up when we do not know what to do, confused and stressed out. Sometimes the answers just comes by asking trusted people for advice.

You don’t need all the answers

As much as it hurts, you do not need to know why your  parents decided to get a divorce or why your friend stole your boyfriend. These things happen and life should go on and will go on.

Talk to someone

Most times they do not understand you at all, but sometimes we get lucky and we find that person who understands perfectly. Either way it help to speak out.

Find your refuge

Find what makes you feel better. Reading books, novels and for some weird reason Arrow made me feel better. Whatever it is, get engaged, maybe cooking, running…just do not over do it and hurt yourself in the process.

Have hope

This might be the last thing on your mind, but things will get better, so do not give up, have hope and things will work out.

Don’t Worry….Be Happy!!

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