Do’s & Don’ts of Facebook

Everything you post on social media impacts your personal brand. How do you want to be known.

– Lisa Horn. a.k.a The publicity gal

Hi guys!!

Facebook for the past years has been such a great platform for young people, adult’s and grandparent’s now to connect and be in touch with the world. Facebook has one way or another helped us no matter how many people think the social media platform is dead. It seems to be growing and having some steadfast member’s.

However we tend to underestimate the power of social media and social media profiles. Thing is social media is really important and how people see you on platforms like Facebook and twitter gives them a good picture of you. So as much as we take table manners and other manners importantly we need to take care of our social manners.

DON’T :Share rumors or lies. God knows how many times I have seen Eddie Murphy is dead. Please stop it, ensure what you are sharing the truth or at least something close to it. It is really annoying seeing lies people post.

DON’T : Post stuff you know you will regret, if it does not feel right then do not put it out for the whole world to see.

DON’T : Fight on social media. If you have a misunderstanding solve it privately.

DON’T : Give away your password easily.

DON’T : Share embarrassing pictures of your friends. Not everyone appreciates a throw back. If your friend is cool with it, then sure go ahead.


DON’T : Share private issues, having issues with your boyfriend or mum, have private conversations on that.

DON’T : Accept all your friend requests. Be careful.

DON’T : Post rude comments. I understand everyone has their opinions but try not to get too rude about some issues. Respectfully disagree.

DON’T : Take things said on social media seriously. Do not judge yourself with what people say.

DON’T : Share secrets. Never the best revenge.

Well some stuff you can actually do;

DO : Like your friends pictures, even if you think it’s not cute, it is your responsibility as a friend or sibling to that.

DO : Wish your friends happy birthday.

DO : Accept your parent’s friend request.

DO : Reply your messages.

DO : Use good grammar.

DO : portray your true image.

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