10 Useful Tips For Moving

Replace the fear of the unknown with curiosity

      – Unknown

Hi Guys!!

This topic is very dear for me as I am sadly not the greatest fan of change, I do not like it when seasons change, I do not like change in schedules and definitely do not like change of my environment, but one way or another I had a massive change which took a while for me to adjust to.

So moving is a really, really big deal, either moving to another city, state,country or in my case another continent entirely!!! Trust me it is a massive change and I wish I was fully equipped before coming, because trust me it is an entirely different world, driving on another side of the road, different vocabularies, different accents. It is a lot….

So I have taken good time to compile a list of things I wished I knew or people told me that would have made my transition easier. Let’s jump into it


I cannot stress how important this is, it is your first and major assignment.  I ended up wasting so much money and time because I did not research enough. Search on absolutely everything from weather to culture, food even politics, it is not always cool having to ask people questions all the time. Really what I am saying is research on everything, when moving I did not know how the transport system of my new city was and that was an initial set back. So make sure you know your new home inside out.


It is important to know what to pack, there might be somethings that will not be of use because of specific weather and stuff. It is also important to take a little piece of where you are leaving, pictures, art stuff that brings back memories are good for the lonely nights.

Packing tips


You will need as much resources when moving. So make sure you save and spend wisely.


Sad thing is there are some things the internet may not inform you about, like where to get great deals and other stuff, so you are going to have to ask neighbours and new friends questions. They were there before you, so you definitely need their help. Although I strongly advice you ask the few people you trust initially.


Well it is not really that important, but trust me knowing at least one person before hand goes a long way. It is always heart warming to know there is someone you can rely on, someone who can show you around and link you people who can make your transition easier.


I mean I moved with a whatever attitude which was not cool because I did not appreciate my first little steps, Your attitude goes a long way, it helps you get attracted to the right people and not miss out on fun opportunities.


I know I said be hopeful, but trust me things will not always work out as planned, you might get a lousy neighbour, you may not get your driver’s license when you want it, bad stuff might happen but you need to know how to ignore all that jazz and move on. You need at least 3 or 4 game plans.


I remember for the initial months I moved I did not go out or get involved with anything and trust me no jokes I slightly became depressed. Yes I woke everyday feeling like I had no life, no friend just me alone in this black hole in my head. Do not be like me it was horrid, go out, explore and be involved in church, volunteer , go to the public library, just do stuff, keep yourself busy and just live.


Yes get a job as soon as you can and start early cause it usually does not come as fast as you think and trust me your sock money will not last forever. Also getting a job is one of the best ways to fit in.


The initial days are the best to have fun, you are new and you have all the time in the world. Very soon you will be to busy and have zero time to go to the park or zoo. These times are perfect for self discovery and me time.

One more!!


Do not pretend to be who you are not, I mean it is cool if you want a new start but always stay true to yourself and values, because you will come across new cultures and morals you do not agree with.

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