New Year…. Now What?

Everyday is a new beginning. Treat it that way, stay away from what might have been and look at what can be.

                                                                            -Marsha Petrie Sue

Hi Guys!!

It is that time of they year, yep it is gradually coming to the end of yet another year. For some this year has been so awesome we do not want to end, for other’s it has been so crappy we cannot wait to fly into the new year. Either ways the New Year is coming and coming very fast. This time usually confuses me, is it time to make resolutions or reflect or just be calm and let things be…

Well I found unique ways to enter the New Year in style….

Have A Vision

Having a vision is very important, you need to know what you want to achieve in the coming New Year, from experience I have learnt that entering the New Year free style is not always the best. You have to know what to do unless you end up feeling very unfulfilled ( worst feeling ever). So just sit down and think of all you will like to achieve and what you want to be known for in the coming year.

Note: Vision is different from New Year Resolutions

Make Resolutions

I used to hate resolutions cause my mum usually just used to force me to write them every year and every year I end up fulfilling just two out of ten…real sad. But they are also important. Now the difference between a vision and resolutions is; Visions are mental pictures of what you hope to be or achieve in future, while resolutions are steps you have to take to achieve your visions. For example I want to lose a few pounds next year, that is my vision, my resolution will be to exercise everyday. So we can see both are important and work hand in hand.

I understand making resolutions might seem unnecessary or unimportant as we usually do not fulfill them all, but it gives us a sense of discipline…and who says it is not possible to fulfill all your resolutions.


Most of us start a New Year without asking ourselves very important questions that will help in a long run. It is important you reflect, how else will you learn from your mistake the previous year or capitalize on your success. Just ask yourself a few questions like;

What was my greatest achievement & why ?

What mistake do I regret & how it could  have been solved ?

Someone who made your year better

Someone who annoyed you throughout the year

These questions give you an idea of how to improve your year, you have an idea of actions or places to avoid and in some cases people and habits you have to let go.

Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

As much as we fantasize about the New Year it often or mostly does not go as planned. Do not be too hard on yourself, just learn to get over things and learn from your mistakes. Most times regrets and getting upset over mistakes prevents us from enjoying precious moments and prevents us from moving forward. So this New Year learn to get over things.

No Excuses

I am guilty of this and trust me it is a major set back, I am not tall enough, I am not pretty enough, I am not rich enough, I am not smart enough, the list goes on and on. Thing is nobody is perfect, we all need to know how to appreciate ourselves and maximize ourselves, and remember you can do anything you set your mind to do.


I am strongly for dreaming, dream , dream and dream again, just make sure you wake up and actually do something to make your dream come true.

Happy New Year guys!!

I hope we all achieve our heart desires…

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