Love Yourself First

 So if you’re out there I swear to be good to you ,But I’m done lookin’, for my future someone

 Cause when the time is right, You’ll be here, but for now

  Dear no one, this is your love song

                                         -Tori Kelly

As humans I guess it is logical or scientific that we need someone, young or old we need someone to care and just be there for us. Often times it is our family member’s, dads, moms and uncle’s but then again as humans we need or maybe just want more. Yep most times we still long for that special someone.

I cannot speak for the other seven billion people of the world but at the age of five, I did not know the difference between a boy and a girl, by the age of eleven boys were just a bunch of annoying species, then at fourteen boys started getting hot and attractive. It is a cycle that I simply cannot understand.

But then at the age of sixteen, I started planning my life around a boy I had no absolute idea of, I mean I already pictured everything, my first love, my soul-mate and all that mushy stuff, and of course it did not go as planned. Do not get me wrong I know quite a number of people whose plans worked as planned, that’s good, but that is not everyone.

As young people raised in the generation of fairy tales and Disney channel, we often feel like it is an obligation to find the one , before anything else, even before finding ourselves. It breaks my heart to see people often crushed  by people who do not deserve them, and often times they do not recognize this because they feel they need another to survive. They do not know their true worth and most times get absorbed in the world of neglect and loneliness.

I am just so curious to know why we just focus on that other person and totally forget about ourselves, things and people who matter to us the most. Everyone deserves that special someone, but we tend to get really disappointed and heart-broken when our reality does not match our day dreams.

What I am saying is to those who have not found that special someone please do not be in a hurry, appreciate and love yourself first, then you can have the space to  do the same to another person. Life is too short to be worrying and getting frustrated and sad. Make that person deserve you and not just manage you. The wait is always worth it..

A wise person once said you are not going to fall for the right person until you really love yourself and feel good about who you are.

Improve yourself and when the time is right you will know and you will find your match.

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