Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.

-Woodrow T. Wilson

Hello wonderful people of the internet, I have an interesting and important topic to discuss on. Our friends are very important and therefore should be treated as important. Not too long ago, did I fully appreciate the presence of good friends. Relocating, to a new country and continent really showed me friends are not that easy to make, and if you get really special ones they should be treated specially. Friends are really those who go with us in this rollercoaster ride called life.

To make our friendships grow or improve there are certain things we are mean’t to do and other’s we are not meant to. I have compiled a short, yet powerful list on my top do’s and don’ts of friendship. So let’s jump into it!!

1. DO : Honesty, is one of friendship’s greatest values.  Friends believe whatever you say, you always have to respect that. Always tell your friend the truth, even if it hurts. It is always worth it in the long run. Besides friendships are built on trust

 DON’T : Lie, to a friend. This might be a hard one, but friend’s and even us as individuals do not like being lied to. Do not lie to your friend about the little things or something really big. Do not lie to or about a friend.

2. DO : Laugh with a friend, best moments should definitely be shared with our friends. Share your fun moment’s with your friend’s have fun, cheer each other up, just live, laugh and love each other.

DON’T :Be mean , unknown to us sometimes our friends are offended by the things we do or say. Be sensitive to your friends emotions. Sure you can joke around and make fun of each other, but be careful not to cross the line.

3. DO : Advise a friend, friends occasionally need advice, even when they do not admit it. Our friends are sometimes in situations that they need our help and advice. Step up to your role and be there always.

DON’T : Judge a friend, especially when they ask for your help, that is not the time to play the blame game. It is always best to listen and find solutions not point fingers.

4. DO : Keep Secret’s always. It is important not to go telling anyone your friend’s secret. Even in situations you feel like enemies, it is still best to keep your friend’s secret buried deep.

DON’T : Gossipeither about a friend or something she said, sometimes we have some details we want to share to other’s, that is a horrible idea. Also do not gossip about a friend, listen to gossip about a friend or spread gossip about a friend,   that is the worst.

5. DO : Defend a friend. As a friend it is your role to defend and protect your friend. Be there for them and be strong for them.

DON’T : Get involved in personal issues, as weird as this may sound it is true. Do not get me wrong,  you should be there for them ,but when it comes to family and couple issues it is best we keep our distance. Your friend does not want you arguing with her boyfriend when they have one of their fights. some things are best settled personally.

6. DO : Be involved in your friends life, ask them how their day was, message them ,send them pictures, go out, make noise, do all the cool things friends are meant to do.

DON’T : Be clingy, do not do that, even your siblings do not like it when you do that. Give your friends some personal time to do assignment’s, go out with their boyfriend or girlfriend. There should be some me time. Do not be too clingy, it is not attractive.

7. DO : Gifts, everyone loves gifts, you should spoil your friend once in a while, get them something really nice or just funny. You do not have to wait till christmas, you should have your own random act of kindness.

DON’T: Steal, from a friend, absolutely not, that is in fact a deal breaker. Do not steal your friend’s stuff, ideas or boyfriend or girlfriend. It is against the code.

8. DO : Selfless, be ready to give up somethings or time for your friend. It maybe painful sometimes but they will probably do the same for you.

DON’T : Be selfish, do not do that. What is your friendship if you hoard stuff and do not share things with your friend. Friends share that is one of the benefits of having a friend.

9. DO : Celebrate Victories, always be happy for your friend, even if you feel a bit jealous, you need to be excited .If you are not happy for your friend, who will? Celebrate your friends victories

DON’T : Intimidate your friend, yeah you are the home coming queen or you are richer than your friend, do not shove it in your friends face. Do not intimidate them with what you think you have better than them.

10. DO : Forgiveness. It is important in every friendship. We are humans we will always find a way to annoy each other. Your friendship can only survive if you forgive each other.

DON’T : Be Ungrateful, friends should always be appreciated even for the little things. Next time your friend get’s you something or just gives you a cozy hug, appreciate it.

I hope this was helpful….

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