Why We Love Ed Sheeran

 It’s good to show insight that these people are real people with real emotions

                                                                           -Ed Sheeran

Edward Christopher who is popularly known as Ed Sheeran is one of  the most well-known and talented artist and song writer of our modern generation. I love Ed Sheeran and over nine million people have also confirmed that they too have a soft spot for the red-haired beauty.

We love Ed Sheeran and for these ten simple reason’s

  1. Ed Sheeran writes his songs and plays the guitar, what can be more charming than that. He will be the perfect gentle man.
  2. Ed is 23, yep the perfect age for the average teenager’s prince charming… and he is a February baby, few days away from valentine’s day.. so perfect.
  3. He is British, we simply cannot get enough of that accent.
  4. He has the perfect group of friend’s, from Taylor Swift to Pharrell and One Direction, I cannot think of the perfect clique
  5. Ed apparently has some moves, thinking out loud, took me by surprise, and that makes us love you more Ed .
  6. He has a good heart, getting involved in issues some choose to ignore,. We admire that.
  7. I cannot think of Ed Sheeran without thinking of his hair color, very interesting, bold and different. Thanks for making us know we can rock whatever we have even if it is really really different and out there
  8. Ed speaks to us, I mean his lyrics actually make sense, it is not all about the beat, the whole song is a gift.
  9. Ed is an award winner , he has achieved so much in so little time, inspiring young kids to follow their dreams and work hard
  10. Ed is awesome!! That is why we love you, because you rock.

photo credits : hangout.altssounds.com.au

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